Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19 2010

Went for a walk today. These pictures were taken right after he realized I was behind and above him. It's funny because at this age he's just now discovering that things don't vanish just because he can't see them.

Well he was a fussy boy today. He's actually cutting FOUR teeth. Yup, all along the top. So we've got Gilbert and Sullivan on bottom, Gooch, Ichabod.....and ...we need names people! Lets get with it here, we've got a lot of teeth to name don't start slacking now! Geeze...
This was his first day on the fortifier...did I mention the doctor at the follow up recommended I put him on it? Well if not..He recommended I add fortifier into his bottles... If you remember, in the NICU, this didn't sit well with the Boy's belly. He's bigger and stronger now so hopefully his gut can handle it. Anyway, I'm watching him carefully for signs of discomfort. I'm certain today was all about the teeth. He was up and down all day, from crazy giggles to miserable pitiful little boy. Poor kid, he's behind on just about everything except his teeth! Gonna be five years old wearing 0-3 month onzies sporting a mouth full of chompers! Gonna have to put him Karate...sigh.
But seriously, the doctors not overly concerned he'd just like to see him gain some weight and length. After this week we're going to add olive oil to his diet, extra fat.
Good night all and thanks so much for following this fabulous boy. It's nice to be loved by so many...he told me to say that.

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