Thursday, April 1, 2010

March 31 2010

Kye's very first Basket!!!
Ohhh the Easter Bunny stopped by Grammy's early!!! Is that the cutest bunny you've EVER SEEN or what!!! That Bunny sure has good taste. He also left a note that said kye has to share his candy with Momma and Daddy...I'm like'n this Bunny more and more!

All is well here. We had his 9month checkup and the doctor said he's doing great! He said his lung sounds clear and healthy and his chest is looking more symmetrical! Oh joy!!! He's almost 15 pounds, which is still on the small side for a 6.5 month old but, still within the 'normal' range.

He's got another tooth coming in too!! We haven't named it yet so suggestions are welcome! I know ,we're a little on the crazy side.

Well Kye will be having his very first sleep over tomorrow...Momma's a little nauseous but Kye's excited. Grandma and Grandpa are gonna show him around their neck of the woods, I know they can't wait!

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