Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 28 2010

"Happy Birthday Grandma Byrd!!!!"

We didn't do a thing this weekend and it was wonderful! Sunday was a perfectly lazy day. The rain beat down on the awnings, the phones were off, blinds closed, me and my boys piled on the couch! Beautiful.Simply beautiful.
These pictures are from last weekend. We went to see a friend out of town and stayed in a hotel. It was a great time. Kye adapted pretty well to the new surroundings. We spent a lot of time outside, which felt nice after what seemed like such a long winter! He even got to go (indoor) swimming! He did stay up way past his bed time but, isn't that what kids do when they're away from home?
Kye's doing fabulous as you can see. He's got 4 teeth moving in and wrecking havoc. Still tying to decide on names, I've got some good ones to choose from! Maybe I'll put'm in a hat and pick that way. Tune in next week for the introductions!

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