Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 6th 2010


Here's a couple pictures from Kye's bunny photo shoot...kid sure loves the camera!

Kye's very first sleep over went very well. He was a good boy, smiling, giggling and charming the pants off of everyone! And of course Grandma spoiled to poo right out of him..well maybe not ALL the poo but a good majority of it! ;-) We expected no less!

It was nice to spend the day with Zeke with no responsabilities. We celebrated out 13th year together by getting massages, having lunch and just hanging out. It was a much needed break...of course we took off for the Lake sooner then we'd planned. Zeke's idea..you know, to beat traffic.
Grandma Byrd and Aunt Doris came up to spend Easter too. The Easter Bunny stopped by their house too! Man that dude gets around!

The Easter Bunny decided to hide Kye's basket at Grandma and Grandpa's house so Daddy helped him find it...

Nope not down there...
Not in the bucket...
Finally found it.

Grandpa got him his first fishing pole!!! Yeaaaaa can't wait to fish!! Gotta get just a little bigger ;-)

"I love my monkey toy box/basket..."

Well we have a name for the third tooth...no one commented on the blog but, I had a few suggestions over the weekend. Zeke's Grandpa had a special name for him when he was growing up. Appearently he wasn't fond of the name 'Zeke' so he made up his own! So in honor of Grandpa Byrd...I introduce to you...(drum roll) Gooch!!


  1. Jessica Harrison:

    OMG! The boy does love the camera and the camera LOVES him! What an adorable little guy! Happy 13 years together! Here's to many more! Tell Grandma Cheri I said HI!

  2. LOL.....funny Gooch. My doctor who is Italian, calls me that. What DOES it mean, I ask ya? ;-)
    LOVE the look on his face in the pic between Grandma Byrd and Aunt Doris. Same look my g'daughter has on her face in her 9 mth old pic. Toooooo dang cute!