Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Dec 8th

So our computers are both messed up and driving us crazy. I'm at work now and will have to make this quick. Kye is doing great with 'solid' foods. Daddy has a baby cook book and has been making his grub from scratch. So far he loves zucchini! He's also eating rice cereal but, it's making his poo paste-like and difficult for him to pass so, we're (with doctors permission) going to lesson the cereal and add more 'solid' to his diet per day. We're going to see dr. Choo-Kang on Monday, I was able to move the appointment up after the x-ray was done. I think I'm voting for surgery. I hate the thought of seeing him back in the hospital with a ventilator but, I feel it's necessary for him to have a better life, as far as breathing goes.
We've got an appointment with Parents as Teachers coming up, which I am so excited about.
We're also going to see an orthopedic surgeon about the possible missing pec muscle.

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