Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Jan 10th 2010

Well we go see Dr. Choo-Kang tomorrow. I think we're all a little nervous... It's ok Kye Momma and Daddy'll be right by your side.I'm not really sure what he'll say. I'm almost positive he'll recommend surgery. He may say that he's progressing just fine (gaining weight, maturing, etc...)and choose to wait longer. I donno. I'm not going to be happy either way to be honest. Surgery means a hospital stay and no doubt a ventilator, which equals a miserable, pitiful little boy...which leads to a heartbroken Momma and Daddy. The other route, to wait is, I feel, just dragging out the inevitable and causing more stress on his body. You can literally see more of an indent in his right side when he inhales and his rib cage seems to be higher on that side too. I don't know if the 'pec muscle area' has anything to do with it either but theres for sure something going on on the right side of his chest. I feel the sooner we start fixing things the sooner other things will rectify least I hope. It could be that his whole right side is just.. weaker or compromised for some reason and one issue has nothing to do with the other, I don't know. I just want him to be more comfortable. I wish we were on the other side of this surgery. Can't we just fast forward all the crappy stuff or maybe sleep through it? Maybe the doctor will give all three of us a sedative that wears off when he's all healed and back to normal! On a lighter note, Kye is talking like crazy! He's discovering new octaves everyday! His new thing is a super high pitched squeal. Ah-dor-able! He's also interacting more and more, having conversations and such. I've been reading 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear' to him at night, it's pretty cute, he 'helps' me turn the pages and sometimes he talks to the animals. Here he is playing on his foot piano and shaking the rattle. Boy's got talent!
He's doing great with the solids too. We get to introduce him to a new one in a couple days....maybe sweet potato or banana..???

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