Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sat Jan 16

Really can he be cuter?

Well.....the doctor called me the next day, very prompt, he gets a few points for that!. He said Kye may have Poland Syndrome. If you know me you know that I devour any piece of information I can find on these types of issues, I NEED to be informed, I NEED to know the details, I NEED to know what to expect and I need to know what the possible outcome may be. So from everything that I’ve read here’s my synopsis.

Poland Syndrome is a rare congenital disorder (present at birth) that varies drastically in severity. The usual indicators are missing or under developed pectoral muscle (Major, sometimes minor), unilateral (same side) webbed and/or small fingers, short forearm, asymmetrical nipples, diaphragm issues, other interior chest muscle issues, shoulder blade deformities and in extremely rare cases the kidneys and digestive tract are affected.. There are more symptoms but, these are the most mentioned. It’s caused by a disruption in the blood supply to that side, usually the right, in utero at about 6 week’s gestation. They don’t know why it happens, some sites say its not hereditary some say studies have shown a link between family members. My dad was missing his right pec muscle, could be coincidence I suppose. Anyway, to be diagnosed with it a person has to have at least two indicators, Kye has the obvious diaphragm problem and missing/under developed pec muscle, there are no other visual indicators. If he wasn’t born with it, it won’t develop later in life, at least that’s how I understand it. To look at him you wouldn’t even notice the pec muscle to be honest and he doesn’t favor one arm over the other. He’s putting everything in his mouth equally with both hands!!

So, we’re going to see an orthopedic surgeon on Monday regarding aforementioned pec…;-)… The following Monday we’re going to get an ultra sound of his diaphragm (to get a better look) and kidneys as a precaution.

We’ll see as we go. I’m pretty ok with all of this. He’s no different, I knew he was missing that muscle now there’s just a name for it.

Besides that, he’s doing great. He’s 11.15 pounds. I’m sure his weight will pick up after surgery but he’s still come a long way! He’s eating big boy food, right now its sweet potato and oatmeal. He loves them both!

OH and I think he’s got green eyes!!!

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  1. i don't care what the doctors say, that boy is absolutley PERFECT!!! Ask his Grammy, she'll tell you!!!