Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Jan25

Well the ultrasound showed that the back part of his diaphragm is moving. Don't really know what to make of that information. She said an x-ray will only show the front so theres no way to know if it's always moved or if its a new development. The front of it is thin in spots which is nothing big, we knew that was probably the case. She didn't share anything about the kidneys, I'm going to assume thats a good thing. Here's our little Boog right before we walked out the door. Happy little camper! We've decided to do sign language with him. I've done a lot of research, both online and in speaking to people in the childcare industry and I think it's right for us. It'll avoid frustration when he knows what he wants/needs but can't yet tell us verbally. We're going to use ASL (American Sign Language) so when he goes to school chances are the teachers will know it. Plus it'll actually be a second language for him, he'll be able to talk to the hearing impaired! Awesome huh! Well we're not teaching him EVERY word in sign just the basics...I've included a chart so all of you will know what his signs mean! We have one on our fridge. We're suppose to say the word and sign it whenever we do the action....this is going to take practice on our part. I guess we'll see if we can do this! I know he can!!

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