Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Sept 11 (never forget sept 11th)

Well here are a couple more nurses we'll miss from the NICU. Our nurses (yes they are OURS) were absolutely wonderful. You know the kind of person that does great work and whistles while they do it, sometimes humms? As annoying as that is it just shows they love what they do, that's the kind of people they are. Let me be clear though...they did not whistle or hum I would have brought them up on the crazy meter and down on my list ;-) Anyway, Mary's up top and Melissa down below. We love you guys and we'll come visit as soon as he turns 6,cause he's not going outside till then. Too many germs.
Here's his last-ish bath in the hospital. I wanted to get a pic of him next to the monkey so we could see how he's grown. I have the other two on this blog somewhere and on my other computer, which I'm to lazy to and download ;-) He's huge!

First bath at home...he has a spa tub, he's a pimp.

scrub a dub dub...

"Get clothes on me guys!!!"

Relaxing on the couch looking at his book.

Love'n on daddy.
Cindy, the home nurse came by today she was super sweet and helpful. It was nice to have her stop by. She answered some questions, weighted him, measured him and generally looked him over. He tried to pee on her so, not much has changed regarding his attitude toward nudity and scales. Anyway, she made sure I was comfortable with the machines, what the beeps mean, feedings, poo's, pee's and everything in between. She told me we're doing great for only having him home a day or two and that I seem really comfortable with the all the hardware. What she doesn't know is that we've been stalking the NICU and have already called nurse Danielle like 5 time since coming home!!! Bet she regrets that offer now!!!
Oh you other nurses WILL hear from us. I'll wear you out one by one!!
He weighs 7 pounds and 4 ounces and he's 19 1/2 inches long! So we HAVEN"T broken him,
frick'n awesome!!!
2 down, 6570 more to go. Give or take.


  1. Oh my gosh!!! The monkey used to be bigger than him.... I cannot believe how much he's grown. That's awesome!!!

  2. He weighs more the Lily did at her first doctors appointment after we brought her home!!!