Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thur sept 17

Just found out New Moon,, the sequl to Twilight is rumored to be selling out months in advance...
"Do they not know who I AM!!!"

" I'm a recovering vampire who deserves privilege, don't worry Momma and Aunt Carolyn I'll use my powers...tell them your coming."

The nurse came by today and she seemed pretty impressed with his weight. He's now 7.10 pounds!! Awesome huh!!

Everythings great except trying to keep him warm at night. This 'Back to sleep' thing requires babies to sleep without ANYTHING in their cribs. Hes wearing 3 layers and still kinda chilly. Poor kids gonna end up sleeping bundled up like the kid in "A Christmas Story"!

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  1. It gets easier to keep him warm when you remember he can't roll yet ;-)