Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Sept 27

Well it's been a while! So sorry but, duty calls and when duty is not calling my bed is!! Anyway just wanted to post some pictures and say things are going good. Grandma Byrd is here spending some time with the boy and helping momma and daddy out. He's down on his oxygen from .03 to .02 and he's doing great with it. He's been having bouts of gassyness or reflux with eating lately. Could be a little bit of both. He's been taking Mylacon which seems to help...we'll see.
Well dinner is done and I gotta at before bugger gets up cause he is NOT a patient boy!!!
Oh sleeping in the tub...this is a new development.

Here he seems to be preparing his lungs for a career in the rock industry..

....and here he's dressing the part!! A-frickn-dorable!!!

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