Monday, September 21, 2009

Here he is looking a little concerned at being at the hospital again. He didn't believe me when I told him we were just there to visit the doctor.
Aunt Ann and Cousin Jessie came to see me!!!!

"I love you Aunt Ann!" "You to Jess but, you didn't play get'cha with me...(is that right?-get-me??)"

Good News, GOOD NEWS!!

The doc took Kye off of constant monitoring!!! YES! Oh yes People he’s free of the chest thingy at least during the day. I’m so glad because it was really irritating his skin. I felt so bad every time I had to put it back on him. So now we’re down to just the oxygen which, we are WEANING HIM OFF OF!!! Double YES! Tomorrow I’ll take him down from .03 to .02. He’ll stay there for a week while we check his saturation levels, making sure they are above 95, watch his feedings and basicly see how well he tolerates it. If he does well we’ll take him to .02, then the next week .01, then…yep take him off of the oxygen completely, PRAISE THE DAY!!!

He said his chest sounds good and it seems as though he’s moving air in the right lung. He’s getting bigger, his lungs are getting stronger and less dependant on the extra oxygen. We’re going back in three weeks for an xray. Hopefully it’ll show that diaphragm down and out of his lung which could indicate movement. Can I get a HELL YEA??

Anyway he’s doing great at home and after a week and a half I think we’re getting into a groove. It’s a rocky groove but it is a groove!

Great Grandma is here helping out and I do believe spoiling the crap out of our little man! It’s ok he deserves it…for now.

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