Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sat Sept 5

They may actually let us take him home!!! Holy crap! Man, there’s so much to do. We’ve got the basement cleaned up, appointment set for duct cleaning, and plans for insulation on Sunday. This morning we have classes form 9a to 12, and probably a car seat test. This is moving pretty fast. They’re talking Tuesday or Wednesday, people! I’m so excited I could just pee.

I’m also feeling a little crazy about it. I kinda thought they would give us more warning! The to-do list in my head is all jumbled up and illegible. When I think of something I need to get done the thought morphs into something even more important and I forget the original thought…then I inevitably loose the more important task trying to remember where I started.!! This all happens before I even get a chance to look for paper to write it down!

Right now I’m looking around his room and it’s a wreck! I’m trying to figure out WHERE ALL THIS SHIET GOES. The swing, as adorable as it is, has no place to go. It can’t just sit in the middle of the floor…and the tub…and the pack and play. There’s no ‘pack’ to this thing, where does it belong? I just keep picking stuff up and moving it to the other side of the room, rearranging it into different, tighter piles. Nothing has a home! I don’t know what to do! We need to build a closet before he comes home! How about that!! Ha

Grandma and Grandpa are here; maybe I can convince them to build it! I think they have their own agenda and I don’t think it had anything to do with us!!! I have a few pictures, I’ll post them later…


  1. That's awesome he might get to go home...Don't worry so much Maria!!! All those things will find a home yea like everywhere in the house! Even if you do find a place for those things in his room they will never stay there!!! The swing will end up in the living room..the bathtub will end up in the bathroom closet or just left in your bathtub...;)
    Love you guys,