Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sept 16

This little guy is keeping me BUSY!!! He's been home for a full week now and he's doing fantastic. Me on the other hand, I'm exausted and so is daddy!! I kinda miss the NICU ;-) I absolutly miss the girls there though. If your reading this I hope whoever got Kye's room is keeping you on your toes! Wouldn't want you to have Kye withdrawl! Man this kid can be impatient...wonder who he gets that from!
So far so good with his moniters, I've had a few alarms but they were either false or an alert that the probes weren't conecting correctly. The probes on his chest make him smell like dirty feet and they irritate his skin. He has to wear this 'wrap' thingy with two black rubberish pads that have to be placed on each side of his chest. The wrap has to be pretty snug to stay in place so its kinda jammed into his little armpits. The nurse said some kids peel from them., I hope it doesn't come to that it's uncomfortable enough for him. His oxygen probe goes on his foot and is always beeping when he moves. Luckly he doesn't haveto wear it 24/7 just at night. His oxygen saturation has been holding at 98-100 pretty steady. I can't wait to get rid of these things though. It's a huge pain in my booty to have to set him down every time I need to go out of the cords reach. But I have to say I sleep well (when I sleep) knowing it'll beep if something were to happen. Well thats it for now! Good night