Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tue Sept 1

The Boy is 6 1/2 pounds people!!! He's huge, I mean should see the size of his thighs!
Today there was more talk of 'D' day. I have to be honest I'm a little freaked.
When I'm holding him there's daydreams of rocking chairs and lullaby's. Maybe put him in his swing (which is adorable ) as I flit around from room to room cleaning or getting side tracked as it may be. Whatever the scenario, it's all sweet cotton candy thoughts as I stare into his big -soon-to-be-green-eyes but, when I think in real life my stomach gurgles just a little. So far, tonight, Zeke and I have decide we're going to clean the basement, put insulation in the attic and get the ducts cleaned....ahh before he comes home. I also have my own personal list growing longer by the minute, it's in my head though so most of it will get lost!
Anyway, I digress. He's doing well taking a bottle, he's up to about 5 to 1. We're well on our way, Zeke and I are signed up for CPR and discharge classes and the grandparents are tentatively signed up as well. I've got to dust off the car seat and bring it in, they do a test to see if he can handle sitting in it. They also help you 'install' it in your car. These people are thorough! I love it! We have no clue what we're doing! We're contemplating kidnapping a nurse for him. Would that be good parenting or bad???

"OMG I'm going home with these people?"

oh the xray was about the same as last time.


  1. you come up with the best captions for his pictures, always gives me a giggle first thing in the morning! and don't worry about him coming home, it's gonna be more fun than a barrel of monkeys!!! hectic, busy,busy,busy, no sleep and not enough time in the day, but BIG FUN!!!!!!!

  2. what a beautiful chunky baby!!!! You will be wonderful parents when kye comes home. i'm not a mom so i dont know what its like...i do know the unknown is scary. but you and zeke are already wonderful parents. probably more than u guys even know. i am sooo excited for u guys to have ur family all in one home!