Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thur sept 10

Our firsts...
Our first night together....ohhh how sweet are we!!!

Kye's first night at home in his little bassinet right next to momma and poppa

First morning smiles in his new home...
Kind of busy so not going to write much. We're doing great. Kye kept me up last night, well it wasn't really his fault. I'm a little neurotic and couldn't sleep when he was sleeping. When he wasn't making a sound I had to check on him to make sure he was ok. And when he was up, well so was I. You'd think I'd trust all the monitors he's got attached to him....seriously.
Here's a pic. He can't be more then 7 feet away from this wagon. Needless to say momma will not be traveling anywhere with the boy in tow any time soon.


  1. Any BIG POOs yet? We are so happy... Give Kye a kiss for me.
    Love Aunt Kimmy

  2. Congratulations you guys Everyone looks so happy. I missed you yesterday, kept wanting to walk by Kye's old room and check on him but a strange baby was in there. Thanks for the cheesecake it was GRREAT!! Miss you Love Angela

  3. Zeke, Maria & Kye - I'm so glad Kye has finally be able to go home. I have waited anxiously each day to follow his progress on the blogs. Maria, you have a great sense of humor and a fantastic way with words. You have made me laugh many times through this touching ordeal with Kye. We wish your family all the best as you grow together. You're all really SPECIAL! Linda & Larry Johnson

  4. Oh Angela they were suppose to kidnap you and bring you here!!! We miss you too!

  5. Thanks for such sweet comments! I'm glad to have so many people following and praying for our little guy.

  6. I love it dude!!! I still check on Lily almost every night. I'm totally neurotic and SO not afraid to admit it. These are our angels why would we be anything but?

    Love you guys!